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27 August 2012

Are we doing the right thing?

New article by Stig Hjarvard discusses the future of media and communication research in view of the growing mediatization of culture and society. Media and Communication Studies represent a success story: within a limited number of decades, the field has managed to develop from a small and fragmented research area with almost no institutional foundation to a major research discipline with a solid institutional basis in most universities around the world. The mediatization of culture and society may potentially fragment the institutional framework of the field by broadening the range of possible research interests to the point where there are no connections left between the various parts. Furthermore, mediatization will gradually make it more and more obvious to other disciplines that they should address the role of media in culture and society and thereby they will come to compete institutionally with our own discipline. Mediatization, however, may also provide an opportunity to re-address some of the fundamental issues that helped constitute the field of research in the first place, but now considered in a new cultural and social context of intensified mediatization.

Stig Hjarvard: “Doing the Right Thing: Media and Communication Studies in a Mediatized World”, Nordicom Review, Supplement, 33 (2012) 1, pp. 27-34.

The article is available for download here: