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07 December 2010

New international journal: Journal of Scandinavian Cinema

Associate professor Casper Tybjerg is one of the primary editors. Anders Marklund from Lund University is the other.

The Journal of Scandinavian Cinema is a new scholarly journal devoted to film in the Scandinavian countries. It aims to become the prime site for excellent research and engaging discussions on cinema in Scandinavia, both within the national context of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and as a region existing in a globalized world.

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The first issue is available online now and contains contributions from Arne Lunde, Per Vesterlund, Ove Solum, Björn Norðfjörð, Anders Marklund, Rochelle Wright, Outi Heiskanen & Thomas C. Christensen & Jon Arild Olsen & Jon Wengström, Lisbeth Richter Larsen, Eivind Røssaak, Dagmar Brunow and Johannes H. Christensen.

From MCC, associate professor Peter Schepelern has contributed with the article The element of crime and punishment: Aki Kaurismäki, Lars von Trier and the traditions of Nordic cinema

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