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25 May 2012

Film and media production: Creativity, convergence and collaboration

New volume of Northern Lights: Film and Media Studies Yearbook

Volume editors: Mette Mortensen and Eva Novrup Redvall. Chief editor: Stig Hjarvard

The 2012 volume of Northern Lights focuses on the renewed interest in film and media production. In recent years there has been a shift across a broad field of media and cultural studies from primarily devoting attention to the finished product, oeuvre or reception to also considering production practices. On the one hand, technological changes in the modes of production and distribution have caused a blurring of boundaries between media consumers and producers. On the other hand, concurrent with a heightened awareness of the project-based nature of work in creative industries, a scholarly interest in creative collaborations, choices and constraints as well as institutional contexts have emerged.

Contributors: Hanne Bruun, Mark Deuze, Alexander Dhoest, Phoebe Harris Elefante, Gunn Sara Enli, Steven Malliet, Mette Mortensen,  Eva  Novrup Redvall, Nele Simons, Janet Staiger and Oscar Westlund.

More information about this volume of Northern Lights at Intellect’s website:,id=2217/