Courses – University of Copenhagen


All course information at the University of Copenhagen is centralised at the websites below. Please follow the links for more information.

Course Schedule

In the Study Information System (SIS), you can find the university course schedule, including dates and times for individual classes. There is also an archive of previous courses.

Go to the Study Information System (SIS)

Absalon (E-learning)

Absalon is the University of Copenhagen's e-learning system. It is used for communication and distribution of learning materials and syllabi between instructors and students.

Read more about Absalon at the Faculty of Humanities website 

How to log on:

Click on "PUNKT KU" in the top menu on any university webpage. Log in using your username (CPR-number or ID-number) and password (which you should have received with your student card). Now select "Absalon" from the left-hand menu.


Changing the language from Danish (default):

When logged into Absalon, select "mine indstillinger" (my settings) at the top right, and then select "tilpas it's learning" (customise it's learning). From the "vælg sprog" (select language) drop-down menu, you can now choose between 8 languages.