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Master's thesis

You write your master’s thesis as the last part of your education and for that reason many students choose a topic that summarises the choices and specialisations that have shaped their education. Some choose a very specific and confined topic, while others collaborate with businesses. There are many options and the choice is yours.

Always remember that you must enter into a master’s thesis contract, when you start working on your thesis. You are supposed to be able to complete your work, from idea to finished thesis, in 6 months, and the teachers know this and adjust their expectations accordingly.

General rules and regulations concerning the master’s thesis

There are many rules related to the composition and submission of master’s theses.
The purpose of the rules is that thesis work must be completed within the prescribed period.
As a student in the department you are subject to the faculty’s common rules regarding theses.

Read the general rules regarding theses

Specifically concerning theses at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication

Choosing your supervisor

When you are about to start work on your thesis you need a supervisor first and foremost. Often, students will find a supervisor who has an academic knowledge of the topic they are writing about, but at the same time it is important that you get along well with your supervisor and that you have good chemistry. Often you will need to do some mental balancing and find out what you expect your supervisor to help you with. If you need academic mentoring then, of course, it is important that the supervisor has some knowledge of your topic. But if you primarily need a process supervisor, he or she may not necessarily need a particular academic insight into your thesis topic.

You must apply to the Board of Studies for the allocation of a master’s thesis supervisor, and based on your application they will try to find the best possible supervisor for you.
On the application form you must very briefly outline the topic of your thesis and indicate what you expect a supervisor to help you with. You can make suggestions for supervisors in order of priority but the Board of Studies cannot guarantee that you will be allocated any of the supervisors you have suggested.

Download application form for master’s thesis supervisor (PDF)

If, contrary to expectations, the collaboration with your supervisor does not work, you can apply for another supervisor with the Board of Studies. A change of supervisor does not warrant an extension of the contract, so for your own sake you should react quickly if you find that something is not right.

The extent of supervision

For each student, 20 hours of academic supervision is allocated. This number of hours include the supervisor’s preparation for your meetings but not his or her final evaluation. Supervision is offered only within the period covered by the thesis contract.

Practical and business theses

In some programmes it is possible to collaborate with business on your thesis work or to include a practical dimension. Often, special rules apply to these kinds of theses, so you should consult your curriculum, if you wish to compose such a thesis. Feel free to contact your student guidance counsellor if you are unsure of the rules.

Thesis submission

Theses are submitted at the department either to the study secretaries or one of the exam secretaries. These can only be handed in once a month, which is the first weekday (working day) of each month. If you submit your thesis at any other time, it will not be registered until the first weekday (working day) of the following month.

Theses can only be written in Danish or English. A thesis written in Danish must have an English title also. A thesis written in English only needs the English title.