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Sofie Flensburg
Sofie Flensburg


Current research

In my Ph.D.-project (Danish Media Policy in the Digital Age, supervisor Rasmus Helles) I study the development of Danish media policy and regulation in the digital era. The project asks how the internet and new media technologies challenge existing regulatory structures and logics and how the political negotiations related to this take place. These questions are adressed through a historical analysis of the development of various types of media and communication policy and through case studies of political negotiations related to the digital transformation of the Danish media system. On the basis of this I discuss how a new regulatory regime emerges and is shaped by both political structures and by changing technological conditions and possibilities of communication. 

I am also interested in the conditions and changes of the news media and the news content, media ethics and journalistic practices and norms, which I have experiences with from both working as a journalist and from previous research projects.  

Primary fields of research

  • Media policy and regulation
  • Media subsidies
  • Media history
  • Media sociology
  • Media ethics
  • News and journalism


  • Media policy and regulation
  • Media systems
  • Media history
  • Journalism

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