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Staff – University of Copenhagen

Verena Katharina Brändle
Verena Katharina Brändle


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    I am currently researching forms of contestation expressed in mass and social media. I focus on two main points: transnational solidarity regarding refugees and asylum seekers in Europe as well as understandings of citizenship and mobility in the ongoing Brexit debates.

    In my PhD project I have investigated ordinary people's understandings of citizenship and conflict over migration in Denmark and Germany.

    Title: "Contestation of citizenship 'from below': People's notions of justice about migration in the EU"


    Primary fields of research


    • (Social) media representations and attitudes about immigration
    • Migration experiences and political opinion formation
    • EU citizenship, inclusion, diversity
    • Forms of political participation through online media 
    • EU crisis and political contestation
    • European patterns of mobility and migration 



    • Political mobilisation
    • Online/social media and political participation

    ID: 97570628