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Ekatherina Zhukova

Ekatherina Zhukova


I am a postdoctoral researcher (2018-2020) in a research project “Images of Conflict, Conflicting Images” (2017-2021, Velux foundation, PI Mette Mortensen). My subproject looks at how images from historical events shape visual representation of contemporary conflicts and how, in turn, digital images produced today change our knowledge about the past. I focus on the current conflict in Ukraine and how images of two historical events – the Soviet famine and the World War II – shape and are shaped by the visuals produced during the current crisis.

I hold PhD in Political Science (specialization Political Sociology) from Aarhus University (2012-2015) where I focused on media representations of responsibility for managing the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Belarus and Ukraine since 1990s. I was also a postdoctoral researcher in Gender Studies at Lund University (2017-2018) where I investigated the role of gender in humanitarian programmes for disaster survivors.

ID: 201650379