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Student Life

In terms of opportunities for both individual study or friendly socialising, student life at the University of Copenhagen is exceptionally rich and rewarding.


The Department of Media, Cognition and Communication Library

The department library houses the collections for Film and Media Studies, Philosophy, Education and Rhetoric. It is open 24 hours (access requires a valid student ID) and has free wireless internet access.

Visit the department library website

The Royal Library on South Campus

The campus branch of the Royal Library houses an extensive collection on the humanities, has free wireless internet access, and contains 400 workspaces for students to study.

The Royal Library

The main branch of the Royal library is a popular and centrally-located harbourfront place for students to study. It has free wireless internet and numerous workspaces for study, and also houses art and photo exhibitions.

Visit the Royal Library website

Campus Cafés and Bars


Colorbar is the department café/bar for the Section for Film and Media Studies. Drop in for a cup of coffee or tea and a game of foosball, and make sure to show up for the lively parties and Friday afternoon gatherings.


Located straight across from Colorbar, the café/bar for Philosophy, Education and Rhetoric is a great place to meet other students, is always open, and has cheap coffee and tea.

Mødestedet ("The Meeting Place")

The main café/bar on South Campus often has live music, sells sandwiches, beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee, and has both a pool and a foosball table.

Student Sports

USG: University Student Gymnastic

USG is a sports club for all students in Copenhagen. They offer cheap programmes in several kinds of sports, from swimming to martial arts.

Go to the USG website

Academic Associations and Reading Groups

Both the department and the rest of the Faculty of Humanities hosts several informal academic associations and reading groups. Ask around, and you will be sure to find one of interest to you.


AEGEE, or European Students' Forum, is the largest interdisciplinary student association in Europe. It is a non-governmental, politically independent and non-profit organisation that promotes co-operation, communication and integration amongst young people in Europe. AEGEE organizes a wide variety of activities including international projects, seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings and Summer Universities.
AEGEE-København is the local group (or "Antenna") of the organisation in Copenhagen and currently the only one in Denmark. Contact us to know more about Summer Universities or if you want to join local activities!

→ Go to the AEGEE-København website