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MCC-NEWS listserv

The department hosts the English-language MCC-NEWS listserv, where students and others can post messages to subscribers about apartments, job offers, internship opportunities, book swapping or selling, social events and more.

Connecting with Other Students

The listserv is also a good place for you to connect with other students, Danish or international, so if you have a bike to sell, a room to rent out, are looking for a used desk, or want to spread the word about a cool upcoming event, you can let the student community know by posting to the list.

Note: Because the list is being hosted on university servers, it is moderated and messages are subject to approval by the list administrator.

Posting to the List

You do not need to be a subscriber to the list in order to post messages to it. Simply send your email message to

Subscribing to the List

In order to subscribe to the list and start receiving messages, you need to visit the following page and provide your email address and select a password:

Subscribe to MCC-NEWS

Unsubscribing from the List

Please follow the steps outlined on the subscription page in order to unsubscribe from MCC-NEWS.

Unsubscribe from MCC-NEWS